Department of Biomedicine cooperates with other medical research environments and with external partners such as the pharmaceutical industry and the corporate world. From the Department originates also a number of "spin-off" companies.

Business collaboration

Since 2000, employees at Danish public research institutions have been required to report their inventions to the institution's Patent and Contracts Unit. Similarly, the institutions have been committed to seeking to patent and commercialize inventions, if they have inherited them.

This has led to numerous partnerships with existing businesses and formation of new companies and researchers’ high-tech spin-out companies. Ideas and inventions from researchers and innovative entrepreneurs are important sources of growth and renewal of the Danish society

Public sector consultancy

The Department provides a number of formalised pharmaceutical consultancy assignments to the public authorities in Central Denmark Region and North Denmark Region and participates in a number of ethics and medical committees.

Technology transfer

The Department’s laboratory facilities with appertaining support, core and animal facilities form the framework of the Department’s own research and cooperation with others.

Translational research in which basic research findings are translated into clinical use, new products and possibly new businesses are given priority. The Department cooperates intensively with the Danish health authorities, industry and the corporate world.

Business Engagement Partner

Claus Olesen

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