Cell biology

The causes of diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and osteoporosis are investigated. 

The cell biological research at the Department of Biomedicine focuses on communication between cells by both ion and hormone signalling, the interaction between proteins, the significance of ion channels in tissue function and cellular mechanisms that exist in health and disease.  


Research in kidney diseases and the kidney's ability to absorb and process proteins.

Henrik Birn

H bldg. 1234, 314
P +4587167672
P +4561717870

Erik Ilsø Christensen

Professor Emeritus
H bldg. 1234
P +4587167656
P +4528992575

Rikke Nielsen

Associate professor
H bldg. 1234, 316
P +4587167647
P +4527782817

Proteomics, cancer, connective tissue, bones and muscles

Research in age, osteoporosis and the 3D structures of bones.

Annemarie Brüel

Associate professor

Research areas

  • Bone biology
  • Osteoporosis
  • Loss of bone and muscle mass during disuse

Water and salt

Research in the channels of the cell wall, which transports the water and other molecules.

Helle Hasager Damkier

Associate professor

Research areas

  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Choroid plexus
  • Regulation of water and salt content of the cerebrospinal fluid
  • Hydrocephalus

Ole Fejerskov

Professor Emeritus
H bldg. 1233, 225
P +4587167638
P +4540372027

Research areas

  • Kidney physiology
  • Water balance
  • Hypertension
  • Sodium balance

Sebastian Frische

Associate professor
H bldg. 1233, 231
P +4587168291
P +4524765334

Research areas

  • Acid/Base homeostasis
  • Kidney disease
  • Brain edema

Monika Golas

Associate professor

Qi Wu

Assistant Research Professor

Research areas

  • Proteomics
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Bioinformatics