Ole Blok Fejerskov


Experimental animal studies on enamel formation under normal and pathophysiological conditions

Research interests

  • The effect of fluoride on dental enamel during development ( dental fluorosis).
  • Human enamel pathology.
  • The natural history of dental caries and periodontal diseases.
  • Cell membrane ion transporters.
  • Compartmental pH regulation extracellularly.


  • Immuno-histochemistry, electron microscopy,
  • Clinical and epidemiological studies in Africa, Thailand and China combined with microbiological studies of oral ecology.

Collaborators and centres

  • “Membranes” – an AU interdisciplinary research center
  • Prof. Yoshiro Takano, Section of Biostructural Science, Graduate School of Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  • Prof. Gunnar Dahlén, Dept. of Oral Microbiology, Göteborg University
  • Prof. Vibeke Baelum, Dept. of Public Health, AU

Group leader

Ole Fejerskov

Professor Emeritus
H bldg. 1233, 225
P +4587167638
P +4540372027


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