Agnete Larsen

Research interests

  • Reproductive toxicology and neural development
  • The role of zinc transporters in fetal development
  • Neurotoxicological and immune system mediated cellular responses to nanoparticles, metals and Abeta with special emphasize on the influence of endogenous zinc signaling and zinc metabolism in cell survival and regeneration in Alzheimers disease and diabetes related neurodeneration. 
  • The anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of metallic  gold towards neuroinflammatory- induced neurodegeneration.


  • Animal models of neurodegenerative diseases and conditions related to altered cognitive functions i.e. Alzheimer´s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis,  traumatic brain injury and diabetes
  • Cellular studies on immune cells, neurons and glia cells
  • Genetic and histopathological analyses of cell death mechanisms and inflammatory responses
  • Autometallographic detection of exogenous and endogenous metals
  • Immunohistochemistry, microdissection and stereology

Collaborators and centres

  • Professor Erik Ernst
  • Professor Claus Yding Laboratory of Reproductive Biology University Hospital of Copenhagen
  • Neurocampus – Professor Mark J. West and associate professor Morten Skovgaard Jensen
  • Zinc-UK
  • ISZB International society of zinc biology
  • Associate professor Karin Lykke-Hartmann
  • Professors Håkan Wallin and Ulla Vogel the National Research Centre for the Working Environment
  • Dr Thomas Hyde, The Lieber Institute
  • Professor Bente Pakkenberg, Bispebjerg Hospital

Research group members

Members of the Center for Pharmacotherapy:  

PhD students:

Group leader

Agnete Larsen

Associate professor
H bldg. 1242, 349
P +4587167257
P +4520282646


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