Charlotte Brandt Sørensen


The main focus of the lab is development of gene modification strategies for use in functional genomics and for creation of large animal models of human disorders.  Research projects involve genetic design of primary cells and cloning of these in order to develop transgenic or homology-directed knock-in/knock-out pig models for e.g. atherosclerosis, breast cancer, neuro-degenerative disorders and skin disorders.

The group is part of the transgenic minipig facility in the national core facility DAGMAR (Danish Genetically Modified Animal Resource) at Aarhus University and thus provides services to collaborating academic and industrial researchers.

Research interests

  • Gene editing strategies: Development and application of non-viral methods for transgenesis (employing transposons or single-stranded oligonucleotides) as well as site-directed mutagenesis (knock-in/knock-out) of specific genes using viral- and nuclease-based technologies
  • Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells: Development and characterization of porcine iPS cells for use in animal cloning
  • Disease modelling: Development of pig models for e.g. atherosclerosis, breast cancer, and neuro-degenerative disorders


Methods applied include e.g.  plasmid construction and engineering of transposon and viral vectors, PCR/qPCR, in vitro culturing of primary cells and cell lines, gene transfer (transfection/transduction) and exogenous gene expression analysis, DNA (Southern) and protein (Western) blotting, immunostaining, and flow-assisted cell sorting and analysis.

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Charlotte Brandt Sørensen

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