Lars Bolund


The laboratories in Aarhus and Shenzhen are developed on the basis of many Sino-Danish collaborative projects financed from both China (e.g. HuaDa JiYin, National Natural Science Foundation of China) and Denmark (e.g. Grundforskningsfonden, Højteknologifonden, Strategisk Forskningsråd/FØSU).

The collaboration also involves a joint PhD-programme.

Research interests

Genetics of biological maintenance and healthy aging

Genetic studies of healthy aging and susceptibility/resistance to metabolic dysregulation and degenerative diseases. Association studies involving comparative genomics and evolutionary models.

Studies of the regulatory epigenome (esp. DNA methylation) and its changes in relation to stem cell function and genome programming or rejuvenation.

Studies of genetic aberrations and abnormal DNA methylation in relation to cancer development and other degenerative processes. Analyses of somatic variation and clonal selection (somatic cell genetics and evolution).

Development of transgenic pig models for studies of complex, degenerative disease processes and their prevention.


  • Large scale, massively parallel DNA sequencing (e.g. 30 Illumina/Solexa sequenators) for genome epigenome and transcriptome studies
  • Array hybridization (CGH and gene expression)
  • Integrative bioinformatics
  • Culture and genetic design of somatic or stem cells and production of model pigs by cloning through somatic cell nuclear transfer

Collaborators and centres

The group collaborates with numerous scientists, research groups and centers in Denmark and many other countries (esp. China, USA, UK, Italy, Holland, Germany, and Norway)

Research Group Members

Group leader

Lars Bolund

H bygn. 1242, 245
P +4587167771
P +4528992544


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