Spin-out Companies

When you conduct research into diseases at cellular and molecular level, you can also discover new knowledge that may suggest other types of treatment. A number of researchers have established companies which are in the process of developing new medicines on the basis of their basic scientific research for the benefit of patients. Some of those are presented on this page.

Pills, Photo: Colourbox

In 2017, researchers from Draupnir Bio received DKK 10 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to develop a new type of cholesterol-lowering medicine which prevents blood clots in the heart more effectively than the current medicine.

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Initiator Pharma, Photo: Colourbox

Many men with erectile dysfunction do not benefit from Viagra. Initiator Pharma went public on the stock exchange in 2017, and the researchers have secured SEK 38 million towards the development of a new type of medicine for these men.

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NMD Pharma

The researchers in NMD Pharma are trying to develop medicine for patients who cannot move due to poor connections between the nervous system and the muscles. A number of foundations have invested DKK 280 million in the company, which is one of the biggest investments in a Danish biotech company ever.

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