Photo with permission from DSI.

Many might consider telemetry equivalent to blood pressure measurements, however it can be so much more. Telemetry is in situ collection of data from a transmitter, and as such, can mean collection of any data, depending on the implant. Although the implants normally have a main feature, such as pressure or biopotentials, they are not limited to these measurements. Many transmitters also register movement, temperature and/or respiration, making them a great tool for a variety of studies, e.g. behavioral, sleep and pain studies. There are also transmitters that measure glucose concentrations, which can be used in studies of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, also in combination with metabolic cages. Implants that detect pressures can be found both with and without the opportunity of biopotentials, such as ECG, EEG, EMG or EOG, allowing for a great variety of study designs. Also, pressure measurements do not necessarily have to mean blood pressure, but catheters can be inserted to measure pressures in the ventricle, bladder and/or cranium as well.

Hence, telemetry units might be a valuable tool in a vast variety of studies, be it behavioral, pain, metabolic or pressure studies. Talk to us about tailoring your protocol!