Group leader

Dr. Radulovic studies how stressful experiences affect the brain's memory circuits, and how stress-related memories influence social and emotional behavior. She is an expert in molecular and behavioral approaches, and combines these with in vivo/ex vivo recordings to address her questions.

She also has a lab at the Department of Neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Associate Professor

Dr. Tanimura hopes to understand the role of cortico-hippocampal circuits in emotion and social behavior, and how they are altered in stressed conditions. She has a strong background in slice electrophysiology and viral/genetic tools, including optogenetics and chemogenetics, and combines these approaches with in vivo recording and behavioral studies to address her questions.

Dr. Yamawaki is interested in understanding how specific cell types and circuits in the brain produce memory-guided behavior and how they become maladaptive under stress. He is an expert in dissecting circuits at the level of defined cell types using antero-/retrograde labeling, slice electrophysiology, and optogenetics. He combines these techniques with in vivo recording and behavioral studies to address his questions. 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nakamoto investigates the role of hippocampal circuits in emotional memory and the impact of stress on these circuits. She has a major background in genetic engineering and in/ex vivo fluorescent imaging. To address her questions, she combines tools for cell-type-specific circuit manipulation with in vivo imaging during behavior.

Dr. Hou focuses on characterizing GABAergic cell types in rodent (and human) brains, their roles in behavior—specifically fear learning and sleep—and their alteration by stress and psychiatric disorders in animal models. He has a strong background in in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, Patch-seq, and optogenetic/chemogenetic manipulation in animal behavior. He hopes to combine multidisciplinary approaches to broaden the current neuroscience view and address his research questions.

Lab manager

Dr. Login is an expert in molecular/cellular approaches and contributes to these aspects of the projects, in addition to handling day-to-day administrative work for the lab. She also serves as a leader of the Local Working Environment Group in the Skou Building.

Research assistant

Kassandra Georges

Research Assistant Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen

Kassandra is interested in understanding how affective touch during early life shapses the development of the emotional brain. To address this, she plans to dissect the relevant brain circuits using neuronal tracing and slice electrophysiology combined with optogenetics. She will also test how insufficient affective touch influences brain development using the mouse model of maternal deprivation.

AC bachelor

Sol is a post-bachelor student doing a project focused on understanding the circuit mechanisms underlying stress-induced behavior. Her journey in the lab began in the summer of 2022 as a student intern, where she spent five months gaining valuable experience. She continued her involvement as an HK student for an additional year. Sol is proficient in various techniques, including immunohistochemistry (IHC), image quantification, whole-brain reconstruction, and behavior analysis.

HK student

Joe is a bachelor student majoring in Molecular Biology who joined our team in April 2024. He is actively learning and contributing to various aspects of ongoing projects. Joe has a strong interest in AI, translational research, and more.


  • Bernadett Mercédesz Molnár (2022-2023): MSc student (Bioinformatics). Supervisor: Dr. Tanimura
  • Aleksandra Okrasa (2023): Summer internship student (from Uni. Warsaw). Supervisor: Dr. Tanimura