Group leader

Dr. Radulovic studies how stressful experiences affect the brain memory circuits, and through stress-related memories influences social and emotional behavior. She is an expert in molecular and behavioral approaches, and combine these with in vivo/ex vivo recording to address her questions.

In addition to the lab in AU, she also lead a lab at the Department of Neuroscience at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

Associate Professor

Dr. Tanimura hopes to understand the role of cortico-hippocampal circuits on the emotion and social behavior and how they are altered in stressed condition. She has an strong background in slice electrophysiology and viral/genetic tools including optogenetics and chemogenetics, and combines these approaches with in vivo recording and behavior to address her questions. 

Dr. Yamawaki is interested in understanding how specific cell-type and circuits in brain produce memory-guided behavior and how they become maladaptive under stress. He is an expert in dissecting the circuit at the level of defined cell-type using antero-/retrograde labeling, slice electrophysiology, and optogenetics. He combines these with in vivo recording and behavior to address his questions. 

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nakamoto investigates the role of intra-hippocampal circuits on the emotional memory and the impact of stress on these circuits. She has an major background in genetic engineering and in/ex vivo fluorescent imaging. To address her questions, she combines tools for cell-type-specific circuit manipulation and in vivo imaging during behavior.  

Lab manager

Dr. Login is an expert of molecular/cellular approaches and helps these aspect of the projects, in addition to day-to-day administrative work for the lab. She also act as a leader of Local Working Environment Group in Skou Building

HK student

Sol is a bachelor student of the Department of Biological & Chemical Engineering and working in the lab as a HK student (8 hrs/week). She first joined the lab in summer 2022 and worked as a student intern under the supervision of Dr. Tanimura, and decided to continue to work with us. She helps various aspect of our projects, including immunostaining, fluorescent signal quantifications, whole-brain reconstruction, and behavior analysis. 

MSc student

  • Bernadett Mercédesz Molnár (2022-2023): Bernadett is enrolled to Bioinformatics MSc program in AU. She is using DeepLabCut to study mice's social behavior. (Supervisor: Dr. Tanimura)