Bioinformatics Core Facility

About us

The Bioinformatics Core Facility at the Department of Biomedicine provides basic bioinformatics training, services as well as full-scale scientific collaborations for all scientists at Aarhus University as well as external academic and industrial partners.

Our mission is to offer researchers support at all stages of bioinformatics analysis – from research idea, through execution to dissemination. A particular priority is to provide consultation, training and biologist-friendly solutions to researchers at the Department of Biomedicine in order to implement the use of OMICs and other large-scale data.

  • Data analysis: A wide range of bioinformatics services are offered in the field of high-throughput analysis, sequence analysis and related areas. This includes data quality control, processing, and visualization.
  • Consultation: We advise on experimental design and provide general bioinformatical and statistical support in all parts of your project.
  • Training: From practice-oriented workshops about bioinformatics tools and databases to short lectures on various topics.
  • Research cooperation: If you are interested in more in-depth analysis and interpretation of your data, we also offer a full joint scientific cooperation.
  • Writing assistance: We assist in the preparation of grant proposals and manuscripts regarding bioinformatics sections and evaluations.

Core facility manager

Per Qvist

Associate Professor



  • Interested in a workshop on how to analyse single cell sequencing data using a biologist-friendly and no-coding required environment?
    Sign up for this free-of-charge workshop hosted by our colleagues at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB): 'Using ASAP for Single-Cell Analysis'.
    Deadline is 04-10-2023.

PhD Courses

  • Core staff will contribute the upcoming course in single cell and spatial OMICS offered by AU HEALTH PhD school