Laboratory for cancer, immunity and inflammation

JAKOBSEN research group

Laboratory for cancer, immunity and inflammation

Welcome to the Laboratory for Cancer, Immunity, and Inflammation! We are a cutting-edge research group dedicated to unraveling the complex interplay between cancer, the immune system, and inflammatory processes. 

In the laboratory, we strive to understand the fundamental mechanisms underlying these interconnected biological systems, with the ultimate goal of advancing knowledge and developing innovative approaches to improve human health. Our multidisciplinary team of scientists and through national and international collaborators, we work to explore the intricate relationships between cancer, immunity, and inflammation. 

Cancer is a complex and devastating disease that affects millions of lives worldwide. Through our research, we aim to decipher some of the cellular and molecular processes that drive the initiation, progression, and metastasis of various cancers. By unraveling the underlying mechanisms, we hope to be able to identify novel therapeutic targets and develop innovative treatment strategies to combat this formidable disease. 

The laboratory consist of 10-14 reseachers, including graduate students, postdocs and assistent professors.