Sample acquisition service, assistance in experimental setup,
panel design and data processing

What service do we offer?

SMC and IMC are “fee for service” based and include staff operated sample acquisition, preprocessing and (temporary) storage of SMC/IMC raw data, assistance in experimental design and panel setup, staining protocols, assistance in data-analysis (to some degree) and training/educational activities. The IMC service is provided in collaboration with the CellX cooperative.

For SMC, cellular targets in liquid suspension are labeled with heavy metal isotope-tagged reagents including antibodies, nucleic acid intercalators and analogs, as well as other biochemical ligands.

Each reagent is detected and quantified with cytometry by time-of-flight mass spectrometry in the CyTOF system.

For IMC, fixed tissue samples on slides are stained for cellular and/or structural targets using the same reagents as outlined above, and ablated from the slide pixel by pixel (Hyperion; 1µm2 resolution) and analysed in the CyTOF system. IMC allows the multiplex analysis of up to 35 markers in the same tissue section simultaneously.

We serve users from:

  • Aarhus University
  • Other universities
  • Businesses and industry