National research platform dedicated to single cell
and spatial OMICs analysis

funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Technologies available from CellX


Chromium Single Cell


Spatial Transcriptomics


Superresolution (1-2nm) Fluorescence Microscope


Multiplexed Error-Robust Fluorescence in situ Hybridization

News and Events

4th Danish Single-Cell Symposium: Technology Towards Cell Biology and Medicine

The 4th meeting of the Danish Single-Cell community takes place at the University of Southern Denmark, May 2nd and 3rd, 2024. It is a two-day event combining the annual meetings of the Danish Single-Cell Network and CellX (Danish Single Cell Examination Platform).

We have an exciting program with sessions on topics including Single cell wetlab biotechnologies, imaging applications, Single-cell proteomics, and computational omics. There will plenty of opportunities to present your work at the poster session, network with colleagues and collaborators, and talk to exhibitors.

Save the dates! Register and send in your abstract here.

CellX Monthly Webinars

2nd series - short talks from industrial partners with focus on technology updates.

Short talks to help everyone to keep updated on the various single cell and spatial omics technology developments in this field. This webinar series will run once a month solely online from October 2023.

The 1st series of the webinars from the different CellX nodes are available online now. Please check them out here.

Detailed info and access link to webinars please check our event page

CellX co-organized PhD course AUTUMN/WINTER 2023 - AU

Single Cell and Spatial Omics – Advanced Course (module 2)

Head of course: Lin Lin    Course info and registration

CellX Meeting on Single Cell and Spatial OMICS 2023

Time / Date:  

10:00 – 18:00, June 22, 2023


1250-101 Foyer (Poster session and networking)

1250-304 Per Kirkeby Søauditorierne

The national-wide roadmap infrastructure CellX will host the 2023 single cell and spatial omics meeting on 22nd of June, in Aarhus. It will be a great opportunity to learn, network and establish new collaborations!

There is still available seats, so please register now. Registration is for free and still open! 

Please register for the meeting here!


Vice Chair

CellX facility manager

Lei Cheng

Facility manager

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