CellX (The Danish Single Cell Examination Platform) is a national research platform/infrastructure dedicated to single cell and spatial omics analysis. The infrastructure is funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science under the Roadmap program. In addition to 37.8 million DKK funded through the Roadmap program, another 42.2 million DKK was co-funded by participating institutions. CellX is hosted by Aarhus University, with strong nodes at University of Southern Denmark and University of Copenhagen (consisting of different service providing core sites). Such a comprehensive and integrated platform aims to help bridge users across Denmark who share interests in analyzing cells and tissues at the single-cell level, and to provide them with easy access to the necessary cutting-edge technologies and solid downstream data analysis support. When fully established, CellX will be open publicly to users in academia, the health care sector, and the pharmaceutical sector.

Current goals of CellX:

  • To provide easy access to the various single cell omics and imaging technologies
  • To facilitate the use of multiomics and spacial technologies at the single cell level in Denmark
  • To establish an integrated single cell data analysis platform