Prices are given on request or when submitting the (noncommittal) application form. Examples of starting prices are listed below. Prices may be subject to change.

Our prices mainly cover consumables and potentially the cost of replacement or refurbishment of equipment. Since we offer many varied services, we do not have standardized prices, but prices are adjusted depending on the chosen technique, as well as time spent. If you require assistance beyond what is included in the starting prices, an hourly fee will be added. We will give you an overview of the total cost when we plan your experiments.

We do not cover the expenditures associated with the animal care/housing, so these have to be paid to the animal facilities, according to their procedures and prices.

Price examples

ServiceCost, DKK
from second day
Echocardiography, routine450/hour3)
Echocardiography, comprehensive600/hour
HM2 cages2.000/week
Coda, non-invasive blood pressure350/hour
from second day (repeated use)
Assistance from staff450/hour
Assistance +600/hour4)

1) Price includes transmitter, surgery and collection/interpretation of data, irregardless of study duration. Represents the cost of one transmitter, however, they are often reusable as long as the study duration does not exceed 4-5 weeks. Total cost depends on number of animals and duration of study.
2) Prices include preparation of vessels, collection of data.
3) Prices include anaesthesia and collection of data, and also apply to analysis.
4) Applies to advanced procedures.


Please contact us if you have questions, or use the application form below.