Research Projects

Stress and Long-Term

Dr. Radulovic
’s main interest is in the molecular and circuit mechanisms contributing to the long-term representation of negative memories in hippocampal-cortical circuits. Such mechanisms are investigated in the framework of stress (un)certainty, brain states, genetic and sex factors. The main goal is to identify the key neurobiological determinants of negative memory valence and memory persistence.

Depression in hippocampal circuit

Dr. Tanimura
’s goal is to understand how chronic emotional stress changes the neuromodulatory system and how these changes affect neuronal circuits relevant to cognition. To address these questions, she focuses on the septum cholinergic- hippocampal circuit in mice exposed to chronic stress.

Network Analyses of Short Term Memory

Dr. Yamawaki
is  interested in understanding how specific neuronal circuits produce short-term memory in the large network encompassing the hippocampus and the retrosplenial cortex. To address this, he uses multiple circuit analysis tools including viral tracing and optogenetics combined with ex vivo electrophysiology.