Principal Investigator

About Professor Søren R Paludan

Søren R Paludan received his master’s degree in chemistry and molecular biology after studies at Aarhus University and the University of Oxford. His PhD work centered on the regulation of gene expression in macrophages during viral infections and was conducted at Aarhus University and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the US. Following this, Søren conducted postdoctoral studies as Aarhus University addressing the role of pattern recognition receptors in activating antiviral gene expression during herpes simplex virus infection in different cell types and in vivo models. This work formed the basis for receiving his Doctor of Medical Sciences (DMSc) degree. Since establishing his lab, Søren has developed a research program that centers on understanding how the innate immune system senses virus infections, and how it contributes to host defense and disease development. A particular focus of the lab is on viral infections at epithelial surfaces and in the brain.

Søren has received several awards for his work and has obtained funding from competitive national and international funding sources. He is currently professor in virology and immunology at Aarhus University, Lundbeck Foundation professor and director of the Center for Immunology of Viral infections (CiViA), funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.  

Photo by Anne Kring.