Eliciting the power of the immune system to boost muscle regeneration

Our long-term research vision is to develop immunotherapy to boost muscle regeneration in response to traumatic acute injury, as well as in chronic conditions such as aging and muscular dystrophy. We are currently witnessing the success of immunotherapy in the field of cancer. These advances highlight the potential of modulating the immune system in personalized medicine to improve tissue function and patient outcome. Our long-term goal is to investigate and leverage this potential specifically in the muscle and impact outcome in traumatic acute injury, aging and muscle diseases.

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Dr. Porpiglia shares her opinion on AI’s Impact on Drug Design, Regenerative Medicine, and Beyond with the STAT community. 

Our manuscript “Elevated CD47 is a hallmark of dysfunctional aged muscle stem cells that can be targeted to augment regeneration” has been featured on the cover of Cell Stem Cell


Dr. Porpiglia is appointed as an Aarhus Institute for Advanced Studies (AIAS) Associate Fellow:

Mathilde Hostrup and Randi Norgaard Andersen join the lab to work on the Empirical Bachelor Project.


Ermelinda Porpiglia

Tenure Track Assistant Professor