Principal Investigator

About Professor Trine H. Mogensen

Trine H. Mogensen obtained her medical degree from Aarhus University (AU) in 2002, a PhD degree in 2003, and a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree (DMSc) in 2009. International training includes studies in biochemistry and in medicine in Paris, Descartes University and Necker Medical Faculty, research fellow in the laboratory of Professor Bryan Williams at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, and a diploma from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 2014, she obtained her certificate as a specialist doctor in infectious diseases. She became a professor in Infection Immunology at the Department of Biomedicine, AU in 2017. Her current affiliations include the Department of Biomedicine (AU) and Department of Infectious Diseases, Aarhus University Hospital, where she directs her research group and treats patients, respectively.

Primary research areas

Her clinical work and research focus on the genetic and immunological basis of primary immunodeficiencies and severe infectious diseases in humans, most notably viral infections in the central nervous system. Through a translational approach, combining whole exome sequencing of patient samples with functional studies in molecular immunology and virology, her group aims at delineating the pathogeneses of infectious diseases, including herpes simplex encephalitis, recurrent HSV-2 meningitis, and VZV encephalitis with the ultimate goal to improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of these viral infections in the brain.