The Skou Building

The Skou Building is the daily place of work for more than 300 researchers, laboratory technicians and students. New knowledge about human health and diseases is created in the new and advanced laboratories. The research is at the very forefront of international developments in biomedicine.

The building's 15,200 m2 are divided into five floors above ground and two basement floors. The upper floors contain research laboratories and offices, while the basement floors contain a new and modern laboratory animal facility for mice and rats. The building's advanced technical equipment for e.g. supplying the laboratories with various gases, ventilation and water purification, takes up 40 per cent of the building’s volume.

The building is named after Nobel Laureate Jens Christian Skou (1918-2018), who was formerly employed at the department. He laid the foundations for much of the research that is going on at the department today, where researchers continue to be part of the world elite.