Meet Jariwala successfully discussed his PhD thesis and awarded the PhD

Title of the PhD dissertation: “Stimulus-dependent labeling of neuronal ensembles pattern and circuit connectivity using viral TRAP strategy.”

Promemo-funded PhD student Meet Jariwala supervised by Marco Capogna awarded the PhD.

Meet Jariwala is a PROMEMO funded AU PhD student supervised by Marco Capogna and co-supervised by Sadegh Nabavi.

On 15 June 2021, he delivered his public PhD talk and interview.

The Chairman of the commette was: Keisuke Yonehara, DANDRITE.

External assessors were: Ass Prof Konstantin Khodosevich from the Biotech Research & Innovation Centre, Copenhagen University, who mainly addressed molecular and cellular approaches; - Prof Ewelina Knapska, Head of Neurobiology of Emotions Lab, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Warsaw, Poland, who mainly questioned behavioral approaches and engram concept.

The PhD was attented on line by about 50 people. Congratulation to Meet for having achieved this important step of his education and a big good luck for his future scientific career. Dr. Meet Jariwala will probably initiate in October 2021 a posdoctoral fellowship in Copenhagen to develop his research interests on circuit mapping of mammalian CNS in respose to salient behavior.