Implantable pumps

Implantable pumps come in a number of varieties, but one of the most commonly used is the Alzet osmotic pump. Osmotic pumps offer a great opportunity for continuous administration of compounds, without needing repeated injection or handling of animals. Pumps are preloaded with the wanted compound or solution, with doses according to animal size. The concentration of the solution needs to be calculated from the pump’s fixed dose/delivery rate and total duration of administration, for the desired final dose to be correct. The pump size determines the loading volume, but also which duration of administration that is possible. Pumps are inserted subcutaneously in the scapular region or intraperitoneally, depending on animal and the size of the pump. Aqueous solutions, dilute acids and bases, dilute/low concentrations of DMSO and ethanol are all compatible with Alzet pumps. Animals need anesthesia for the insertion.

The researcher has to supply pumps and the wanted compound/solution. We will advise on dosing and choice of pump, if needed.


Were you looking for something else or can’t find your wanted technique? We can help you with a variety of sampling procedures and surgical techniques, including (but not limited to) insertion of catheters, dosing/sampling ports (for example Instechs PinPorts), chips and/or sensors. We can also help in terms of finding and purchasing new equipment for these purposes. Do not hesitate to ask us - we are happy to assist or offer advice.

If you require help with routine samples, we refer you to the animal facilities.

Photo with permission from Instech Laboratories.