The Infection & Inflammation (I&I) Young Researcher’s Forum is a panel of junior scientists (PhD students and Postdocs) within the Infection & Inflammation Research Theme that meets twice a month.

The Young Researchers’ Seminar series

Every first Wednesday of the month, we practice presenting our research to a larger audience. We discuss recent findings and issues with experiments. The I&I Young Researcher’s Forum seeks to bring PhD students and Postdocs together to meet and network across labs to increase awareness about research being conducted within our research theme - paving the way for new collaborations and projects.

The Young Researchers’ Journal Club

Every third Wednesday of the month, we hold a morning journal club. Here we share and discuss recent papers over a breakfast, with PI’s invited to provide their insights too. The aim is to broaden the scientific curiosity of all participants, increasing the social relation between groups and the awareness of what different groups work with.

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Social activities at I&I and the Department of Biomedicine

The Department of Biomedicine focuses on well-being and collaboration and supports events across research groups, floors and buildings that include academic and social activities.

At the department and the I&I research theme, we have these weely social activities:

  • Knitworking
    Every Thursday from 15:00 in front of the Skou canteen
  • Networkout
    Every Wednesday between 15:00 and 16:00
  • Academic Climbing Network
    Drop-in bouldering/climbing, Mondays 8.00-10.00 at Aarhus C and Wednesdays 15.30-18.00 at Aarhus N (
  • Friday Bar
    Every Friday from 14:30-17:00 in the canteen of the Skou building