Infection and Inflammation

Infections and inflammatory diseases represent major burdens to human health. We want to understand fundamental mechanisms through which infections and immune responses impact on health and disease.

What We Do

We work in different areas of infection biology, medicine and immunology studying a range of diseases. Examples are brain infection and inflammation, acute viral and bacterial infections, rheumatic disorders as well as cancer – noting that it has recently emerged that the immune system is also a player in several diseases not previously considered to be immune-related.

Who We Are

Our research theme hosts more than 25 groups and 100 PhD students and postdocs. Most groups collaborate with clinicians and the pharmaceutical sector.

How do pancreatic cancer cells feed, and can we utilize vulnerabilities in their nutrient reliance for new therapeutic strategies? 

Meet Professor
Christian Kanstrup Holm

How do biochemical mechanisms such as glycolysis and the Kreb´s cycle affect the interaction between virus and host?”


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