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Diseases such as stress, PTSD and depression affect the memory. Understanding how nerve cells in the brain communicate with each other will enable the development of drugs that can impact on the memory.

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What goes wrong on a molecular and cellular level, when an injury or disease of the peripheral nerves leads to chronic neuropathic pain and consequently decreased quality of life?

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How are stressful experiences represented in memory circuits, and are such representations directly linked to changes of social and emotional behavior?

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What are the molecular mechanisms underlying normal and diseased brain functions – and how can we control them? These are fundamental questions for associate professor Mai Marie Holm.

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How can we define biomarkers that contribute to better diagnoses, follow up and ultimately personalized medicine for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

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In the past 10 years, I have been specially interested in the effects of cannabinoids in the brain, both natural - cannabis-derived - and endogenous - the natural cannabinoids produced by our body.

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